The Hole Solution, LLC
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Wayland, MA 01778
Water on the job site is a big headache, and water mitigation is an unwelcome expense.
The Hole SolutionTM is the industry’s only core hole cover with a watertight seal that keeps water out of open holes during construction and meets OSHA safety requirements for covering holes.
"every floor hole into which a person can accidentally walk shall be guarded by either: (i) a standard railing with standard toeboard on all exposed sites, or a floor hole cover of standard strength and construction.  While the cover is not in place, the floor hole shall be proteced by a cover that leaves no openings more than 1 inch wide.  The cover shall be securely held in place to prevent tools or materials from failing through."  OSHA 29 CFR, 1910.23 (a) (8)

The Hole Solution is economical, recyclable and easy to install.  Find out more – and order today


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