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An Innovative Solution

The Puncture Solution is a lightweight, innovative plastic device that prevents water pipes from being nicked or punctured during sheetrock installation.  It snaps quickly and easily around pipe junctions to protect them from incoming sheetrock screws:

Screws can’t penetrate the Puncture Solution’s metal collar and are instantly deflected around the pipe, preventing any damage
Screws can be fully driven into the sheetrock, so labor is not wasted removing and re-drilling the drywall screw
Reduces liability from leaks that are notoriously hard to find and are often only detected after construction is complete and the water turned on
Provides a better alternative than striker plates because it covers both sides of the pipe and leaves no bumps in the finished sheetrock
Saves time and money with quick one handed snap on installation
Provides a secure, tight fit between the stud and the pipe
Isolates the pipe from the metal stud to prevent galvanic reactions
Can also protect electrical wiring and conduit
Uses post-consumer recycled materials