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One of the fastest activities on a construction site is the installation of gypsum wallboard.  Unfortunately, all it takes is for one screw to knick or puncture a plumbing, HVAC or electrical line and you have got a big (i.e. costly) problem.  The damage is not usually discovered until the walls are boarded up and the water is turned on, making the leak difficult to access, costly to repair and a potential source of mold.  In other cases, the problem does not appear until the screw corrodes and becomes dislodged from the piping (which could take several years).

The Puncture Solution inexpensively eliminates the risk of punctured pipes  - which means:

  Fewer construction delays
One less source of mold
Greater profits
Peace of mind for all involved

The Puncture Solution is also great to use with electrical wiring and conduit, by protecting it from nicks and punctures that could result in short circuits - a fire risk.