The Hole Solution, LLC
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The Dual Solution converts a conventional flapper-type toilet into a dual flush system within five minutes, saving thousands of gallons of water per year. The Dual Solution  does not reduce the flushing power of 1.6 gpf toilets

    The Dual Solution* is the solution.

    Key Features

    • Economical! A much less costly solution than replacing the toilet
    • Installs without tools in under five minutes
    • No loss of flushing power; can be used in 1.6 gpf toilets
    • Can be used in standard tank-type toilets with 2” flappers
    • Can be used with most lowboy tank toilets
    • Does not require the removal of the tank 
    • Does not require replacement of the original toilet handle
    • An excellent solution for conservation-minded home and apartment owners    

    Huge Water Cost Savings Per Year

    For a standard toilet that uses;

    1.6 gallons of water, save an average of 1,950 gal./yr.

    3.0 gallons of water, save an average of 4,000 gal./yr.

    5.0 gallons of water, save an average of 8,000 gal./yr

    Easy Installation in less than five minutes 

    • No tools needed 
    • Simply replace the flapper valve with the Dual Solution and set the floats